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Here at Elevate MindSkinSoul we take pride in our integrative approach to skin and beauty! Below are some specialty standalone services that will get you radiant from the inside and out.

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Lash lift/brow lamination and tint:

For the brows it lifts them into a more defined and full shape. For the lashes it boosts and lifts for a thicker fuller appearance. Combine with lift or lamination to darken appearance for a more stand out look! Tint $33 lift or lamination $77


Embodied skin ritual:

Custom ritual that starts with the Elevate tier. Then the added benefit of a personalized sound bath, crystal grid, aromatherapy, and reiki infused chakra balancing. This is the ultimate in self care and is designed to elevate your frequency. $244


Sound bath facial:

This is our Elevate tier with the healing treatment of sound. We use different tools to help you set an intention and clear your energy to vibrate higher! $188


Stem cells:

Can be used to enhance any service such as microneedling, nano infusion, or a facial. Stem cells make the body create more collagen and fill in tissues with healthy blood flow. Great for accelerated healing and a glowing, youthful appearance. $88


Skin boot camp:

Includes 6 weekly or biweekly treatments to tackle stubborn acne, deep wrinkles, rosacea, extreme dryness, or dark spots. A serious reset for any skin condition! Homecare products included. $1099

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